Read//Watch//Listen (8)

I’ve written and rewritten about 3 different posts in the last week. I’m not sure myself what I wanna say, so for the moment, draft posts and Shiny New Ideas it is. It’s been a while since I posted anything, so here is version numero 8 of Read//Watch//Listen.


I am currently reading some excellent #LoveOzYA in the form of Night Swimming (Steph Bowe). I’ve read her other two books, and have mixed feelings about both of them, but so far I’m really enjoying this book. I went to the launch (late, because I had something on before, but I did manage to hear the end of Steph reading out of her book, and all the thank yous). Steph is super lovely (and she even remembered me)!

Photo on 23-04-2017 at 2.55 PM #3

Note: Not only is the book itself wonderful, but the MC has a grandad who has dementia, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a YA book and I really really appreciate it!


Besides my normal shows, I am watching Suits (which I absolutely love) – and this morning I started the super super hyped Thirteen Reasons Why. I have read the book (years ago, though), so I know mostly what happens, although I’ve forgotten a lot of the details. One episode in, and the thing I’m enjoying the most is the fact that Kate Walsh (Addison Montgomery to the Greys and Private Practice fans is Hannah’s mom). I’m interested to see how they work the show, and whether I’ll like it.


I’m not really listening to anything obsessively at the moment – but my general playlist includes Divide (Ed Sheeran), Green Light (Lorde) and Water Under the Bridge (Adele).

lorde green light.gif

Any TV show recommendations?

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