University update!


I am now just over 9 weeks deep into my first year of uni – and I like to think I’m no longer just a jaffy*, but someone who has learnt a little bit about how life works at uni.

  1. The lecturers don’t really care whether, you – personally, go to their lecture, but I assume it is nicer when there’s people to talk to. I started off going to every single lecture (except my m+c one, which I dislike with a passion) – but I love the idea that if I miss one, I can still catch up online. That means if I’m feeling unwell (or just not feeling it), I don’t have to push myself to go. Every single lecture (or at least for all the classes I do) are recorded, along with the slides that are used. I do try and go, because it means when I get home I don’t have to catch up on hours of lectures – but knowing that back up is there is very nice.

    typing .gif

  2. Making friends isn’t going to happen overnight. I knew this. I did. But it was also nice to think that going from high school to somewhere where no-one knew me (and I was a year disconnected), it would be a fresh start. I would be a changed woman. And I like to think that I’m a bit different – a bit more confident – but I still gotta learn to put myself out there a bit.
  3. Uni’s better than high school. #Confirmed. I’m actually studying what I like – and I know that if I don’t like it, I can always change mid-semester (which I plan on doing with my m+c class).
  4. They don’t spoon feed you. I know high school is meant to prepare you for uni, and it does in some ways (kinda??), but there is a lot of help at high school: your teachers, student managers, other teachers, your friends etc. Uni is different. Things are explained in less detail, and with less time til the due date. If you need help, you have to make an appointment in advance (and it might not be at good times for you) to see your tutor. They don’t spend super long on a topic – whereas I found at high school, they went over and over concepts until you were sick to death of them (but at least you knew them)!
  5. It’s really nice to have some good food at uni – and not just deep fried potato cakes and $4.50 salads – but also a bit dangerous. At the beginning I bought food everyday, but I’ve become a bit slack – and hey, if money’s not to spend on food, what is it for?

    ron eating.gif

    Ron is me, and I am Ron.

  6. Everyone’s pretty nice – no-one gives a shit about who you were in high school, and whether you were in this clique, or that one, or had no friends – they’ll probably talk to you anyway. I haven’t come across anyone who is rude for no reason (hello, high school). It’s weird not knowing all the people in my year (as I did at high school, because I’d spent the last 6 years with them) – but I guess knowing a few thousand people is a bit much.
  7. You’ve gotta be pretty motivated, because the teachers (lecturers and tutors) care, but not as much as they did in high school. At high school, it felt like they invested in you, and if you needed help they would be there – before school or after school. The tutors feel a bit interested in you – and want you to do well whilst you’re in their class – but once you’re in the next semester, they won’t know you – whether you got an HD or an F.

So far, so good. There’s been great points, and there’s been some pretty stressful points. I love some of my classes – others I want to get rid of asap. I’ve written more words in my essays in the last 2 months then I think I’ve written in my entire high school career – and a picture is slowly forming about what I want to do when I finish.

*  the super endearing term for clueless first years: just another f**king first year.


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