LOVE to Manchester

Concerts are meant to be safe places to go and have the absolute best time with your friend/s or family, screaming words to a song you fell like was written for you. They’re places for inspiring, for (happy) tears and for losing your voice. They’re meant to be filled with joy and happiness and a sense of finally I’m here, after booking tickets a year ago. Concerts are meant to be filled with shiny lights (aka your phones) when you sway to a slow song, or confetti or those huge balls that get floated around the crowd.

I was lucky enough to go to Adele in March, and this is what I wrote under my Instagram video of the event:

“ADELE ✨ I wanna be like her when I grow up ✨ She is a certified genius, a powerhouse and is not afraid to tell it like it is. She swears like a sailor and has the best laugh and let a little kid’s dream come true by letting her sing the entirety of Hello on stage tonight 💖 Her songs are anthems for everyone young and old and in between; she’s the hope and happiness (and tears over boys) 🌌 Thank you for the night 🌟”

Reading that again, I am immediately reminded about how excited I was seeing her perform (and it truely is a performance – comedy AND singing); about how inspired I felt afterwards to do my own creative things! Concerts are grounds for hope and love and your dreams coming true.

Concerts should never ever ever end like how Ariana Grande’s concert ended. It makes me so angry and sad that this attack happened and especially at a concert – a place that’s there for people to see their idols (finally!) – and sing the words they’ve known the minute the album came out out loud, with thousands of other passionate fans.

I know we don’t know the full story or the extent of the deaths. The last time I checked, there were 22 dead and 50 people injured. That’s 72 people too many. 72 people who came to have the best night, filled with excitement and optimism and hope. 22 people whose parents, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, cousins, grandparents and dogs will be scared and sad and missing them so so much. 50 people we are worried for and hoping for and loving.

I can only hope and believe that everyone injured will recover, and that nothing like this will never ever ever happen again. Not only at concerts, but anywhere: in schools, offices, on the streets, market places, beach fronts, homes or anywhere else.

Sending all the love in the world to those suffering, and may everything be a little bit better soon.


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