About Me


I’m Lauren, 19 years of age and an AVID reader (and writer). I love the internet, friendly cats, LOVE ACTUALLY and of course YA (#loveOzYA). I am also a dog person (not exclusively though), collect nail polishes, watch (too) many TV shows a week and The Fault in our Stars made me cry (thanks John). I bake, love art and will probably laugh at everything.


I overuse brackets, gifs and semi-colons (and for that reason don’t use colons enough). I LOVE LOVE music, white chocolate, fangirling over pretty much everything (tv shows, Harry Potter, other books, cute animals, cute boys.. you get the gist) and will probably be found in shorts all year round.

glasscaseofemotion     bobsburgersgif





I can be found at other places on the interwebs:
Instagram: Laurentheberger
Twitter: @laurentheberger
Tumblr: animalsdontvote.tumblr.com
Previously: 365lists1213.blogspot.com.au // strawberrydrapes.blogspot.com.au


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Can you please check out my blog? I would greatly appreciate it! I really like your blog!

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