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123 Dogs|A foray into rhyming poetry

I write some poetry – and in the past it’s all been non-rhyming. I find it easier – and it’s a lot more dramatic than rhyming poetry – which suits a lot of my (serious) poems. But I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Here is a little something I wrote. We have a Situation. In the last five minutes, it has progressed from a situation to a Situation and I fear that before the day is over, it will become a SITUATION. Historically … Continue reading

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Nano Update//Piece of Writing

Okay, so I didn’t win Nano this year. I got to just over 19k before I left for New Zealand. Although I would’ve liked to have had more words – halfway would’ve been nice, or even a round 20k, but … Continue reading

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NaNo 2017

This is my Nano year. Every single year I say I’m going to do it, but every November comes and goes and I don’t do it. (I kinda once did it in 2013, but it was a very half-arsed, not very Nano-vibes … Continue reading

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Changing the world

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changing the world. A big impact! Or something small. I was lucky enough to be born during the Internet Generation, and so have grown up with the most inspiring and incredible people on … Continue reading

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BOOKS – a poem

Pirate ships, little boys, Spaceships, moving toys. Families, heartbreak, Holding hands, carpet snakes. Absent dad, dead mom Contemporary rom-com Missing kid, no history, Found yourself a mystery. Exploding ships, time to flee This is fantasy. Teenagers – (some in cults) … Continue reading

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Just under four years ago (THE TIME HAS FLOWN), I received an email saying I’d been accepted as an Inky Award Judge for 2014. I was pretty damn excited – I was getting free books and I’d be able to talk and analyse … Continue reading

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LOVE to Manchester

Concerts are meant to be safe places to go and have the absolute best time with your friend/s or family, screaming words to a song you fell like was written for you. They’re places for inspiring, for (happy) tears and for … Continue reading

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University update!

I am now just over 9 weeks deep into my first year of uni – and I like to think I’m no longer just a jaffy*, but someone who has learnt a little bit about how life works at uni. … Continue reading

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Read//Watch//Listen (8)

I’ve written and rewritten about 3 different posts in the last week. I’m not sure myself what I wanna say, so for the moment, draft posts and Shiny New Ideas it is. It’s been a while since I posted anything, so … Continue reading

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